Kamnik is a charming medieval town with rich history. Once the capital of Carnia, it is now famous for its wonderful Chapel of Mali Grad on the hill above town, from where you can enjoy a splendid view of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to save Veronika, an enchanted beauty, sleeping in the underground of the ancient castle and watching the old-time treasures! For more information, visit the website of Kamnik Tourist Information Cetre.

Stari Grad is located on Bergantova gora (585 m) on Eastern side of town. It is considered a popular excursion point, which offers beautiful views on the entire Ljubljana basin and its surroundings.

Kamnik and its surroundings are a real paradise for those who like to spend their holidays close to nature. Velika Planina, a 1666 m high mountain pasture, is a natural treasure. The most common way to reach it is by cable car but it is also possible by foot or by car. You are invited to walk to the old Alpine dairy farming settlement, taste sour milk with hard-boiled corn mush or buy home-made curd and cheese.

The sights of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, with peaks above 2000 m, will certainly allure some enthusiastic hikers.From Kamniška Bistrica valley lead well marked and safe paths to the highest peaks of the Grintovci.

River Kamniška Bistrica rises from three places and flows through Kamnik. The most known is its major source which is located near the lodging house Dom in Kamniška Bistrica. The water springs from the moss-grown rocks and then stops for a short period of time in the artificial lake. The lake presents the most pleasant refreshment to those who like to sit near the river's source, particularly during the summer time.

Mali grad is one of the oldest and most important Romanesque monuments in Slovenia, built by the Counts of Andean around 1200. Today the castle is in ruins, and an illuminated footpath leads to the hill. From the top of the castle there is a beautiful view of the entire Ljubljana basin and its surroundings.

Arboretum Volčji Potok is the biggest part in Slovenia, located close to Kamnik. Walking among carefully cultivated flower-beds in the shade of century-old trees is great for relaxations of body and soul.

In the pleasant village of Tunjice just outside of Kamnik lies Naravni zdravilni gaj (Natural Healing Grove). The energy springs and the well of healing water will produce a satisfactory effect on your well-being.

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